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Most Valuable Post for May 23, 2015

Posted by dunkelza , 23 May 2015 · 1,687 views

MVP Most Valuable Post
Most Valuable Post for May 23, 2015

Howdy, Folks!

Our MVP award is given to members who actively contribute to making
Descent: Underground a better experience for us all!



Mufossa75 composed some awesome music for the community and

jumpstarted the entire discussion of music for Descent: Underground.

Please enjoy the badge that will appear on your DS website Avatar!

You will also receive a shout out on our Facebook

and Twitter pages.

Everyone else, remember:

Our MVP badge is awarded to a member who

has supported the game in a positive way (creativity is encouraged!).

Our great moderation team picks a member each week who goes above and beyond.


Be sure to check out Rob Irving's Design: Underground on Monday-

Our office is closed Monday in observance of Memorial Day, but we will

be showing Design: Underground as usual!


Oh, and in case you missed it, here is yesterday's Wingman's Hangar:


Be sure to LIKE and FOLLOW us to get the latest news!

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Congratulations Mufossa! This MVP was certainly overdue ;)

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Thanks so very much! This was entirely unexpected and the way I found out was kinda funny. I was watching the show on my phone while waiting in a school car line and when Dunk made the announcement, I literally said, "Oh my God! What!? Cool!" My 9-year-old in the back seat was more than a little confused, and wondering what the heck I was so excited about. So, I had to explain and that took a little while. :)


Maybe we'll have another Descent player before too long... she's in a Pokemon phase right now. :)


Thanks again, DS Team! :)

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congrats mufossa :) 

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