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Community Campfire 5/19/2015

Posted by dunkelza , 20 May 2015 · 2,719 views

Community Campfire 5/19/2015 Howdy, folks!

Lots more exciting stuff going on here at Descendent Studios!

Check out this new Work-In-Progress (WIP) render of the Panzer! This image shows some of the cool sub-components of the model.

We're also hard at work over here in Communityland, whipping up a new forum contest- keep your eyes here for more info!

We also got to see a really cool concept update for the Heads-Up Display (HUD) from the art guys. Unfortunately, BlueDog hid the picture on me and I can't find it! Maybe he will share it with y'all on Friday.

Speaking of FRIDAY...

Don't forget to tune into our Twitch Channel at 11am CDT (1600 UTC) on Friday, May 22, for another fun-filled Wingman's Hangar, and be sure to submit your questions for FFFForum FFFFeedback!

Oh, and don't think we've forgotten about the megacorporations! I've attached the first of many "Industry Spotlight" entries detailing one of the titans of industry that rule the world of Descent: Underground.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to get the latest updates as soon as they appear!

Thanks for being awesome!

Until next time - Fly Safe!


=== LORE ===

Special thanks to Chino333 for adding Kyano to the world of Descent: Underground!

Posted Image

Reyex: K
Close: 3214.12↑ 1MO: +1.17 6MO: +2.04

Famous for their no-frills products, cost-saving efficiency, and soberly-dressed personnel, few today know that Kyano sprang from humble beginnings in the aftermath of global conflict. In 1949, today's Neder EOZ was rebuilding from the ashes of a decade-long war that shattered civilization across the European continent. Operating from a partially-burned out garage, the Hendriks brothers began building replacement parts for petroleum-powered automobiles and motor scooters. By the middle of the Twentieth Century, Hendriks Industrial Design was supplying affordable, high-quality parts for all kinds of equipment manufacturers- including the burgeoning aerospace industry.

Hendriks remained an obscure parts manufacturer until the Petrol Crash of 2041, when a major automotive company defaulted on a large contract payment on its way to bankruptcy. After years of litigation, Hendriks Industrial Design was awarded a controlling interest in the now-forgotten car maker. The company assigned a young executive, Kyano Hendriks, to apply the firm's signature Dutch business acumen to the task of salvaging the troubled auto manufacturer. It became profitable in less than 18 months- the board made Kyano CEO three years later.

Over the following decades, Kyano led Hendriks Industrial Design to strongly diversify their portfolio, masterfully saving money during bull markets and using it to acquire dozens of major corporations during bear periods. By the end of the century, Hendriks operated in virtually every major industry, in many cases ranking amongst the top ten firms by profitability. When he retired to the L4 station in 2112, the board of directors unanimously voted to rename the company "Kyano Corporation" in his honor.

Today, as a long-standing member of the United Corporations' Security Council, Kyano operates the "Leo" Zodiac Station in support of resource harvesting operations and to keep the Earth safe from asteroid strikes. Kyano's managerial staff are easily recognized by their somber business suits, long hours, firm practicality, and punctuality. Blue-collar workers are few and far between due to Kyano's penchant for efficiently mechanizing industries. Investors value Kyano stock for its blue-chip solidity, generally trending upward with little volatility. Kyano also pays more consistent, though below-average dividends- last year's was a modest Ƶ12.35 per share.

{LIBERETE NODE 6D11:31D4:A01E:4A42-115B:1285:7662:1FB6 ONLINE AT 23150519.213215.S}

{MuchoMango 23150519.213215.C} Look at what they're teaching the arco kids nowadays: {((FILE ATTACH))} This is seriously scary stuff. No mention of their takeover of that huge bank and how they caused some of those "bear" market times. {EOP}

{WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot 23150519.214314.S} Well, it's not like most governments were any better back in the day- the difference was that the governments were accountable. Nowadays our "government's" sole job seems to be handing the reins of power off to whatever mega lines their pockets with the most zilch. Sick times, sick times. {EOC}

{JadeHamster 23150519.220509.H} No mention either of the refugee crisis they caused when they took over the Florida EOZ and kicked all the outlanders to the barrens. {EOC}


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liking the panzer gritty look even more. :)

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Nice logo - Jax and Dunk

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