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Hot, Humid, and BUS-AY!

Posted by dunkelza , 14 May 2015 · 2,285 views

Hot, Humid, and BUS-AY! Howdy prospectors!

Today started off exciting and got more so as the day went on. First thing, we noticed that our life support systems were failing: the air conditioning was out. Hey, in Texas that IS life support! Thankfully, the crew down in the engine room has restored to flow of life-giving cool air... anyway...

Today's preview image is a collection of some of the powerup concept art. These are still works-in-progress, ideas really, that guide the modelers and special effects artists. On the left we have a Shield orb, a green Access Key, an Invulnerability orb, and Energy crystals.

Remember to set an alarm for 11AM CDT tomorrow- Friday, May 15. Fridays are the new day for Wingman's Hangout, streamed on our Twitch channel.


We shipped out the 290X cards to our Kickstarter referral contest winners- BadNewsBaron, Groundhound, Scott Manley, JustinTime, and SGT-Craig.

Well, we shipped out FOUR of them. One of the winners was kind enough to anonymously offer the card for another contest to help build our community. More details on that contest to come!

We're also about to announce the winners of our Kickstarter Game Mode contest. The design crew has been burning the midnight oil sifting through those awesome ideas. Be sure to watch Rob Irving's Design: Underground on Monday to find out the winners!


Check it out, folks: We're more than 70% of the way to unlocking the Shaman, one of our three stretch goal ship types!

The Shaman is our specialized shield repair ship, designed to keep your teammates alive in fierce firefights.

So spread the word and shake the trees: the Shaman fills an important role in any team. Plus... the sooner we reach the Shaman, the sooner we reach the Torch!


We also wanted to give a quick shout out to Apotheosis - another local Austin game studio that recently launched a Kickstarter.

RAIDO: Road To Ragnarock is a tactical trading card game in which the location of card placement influences the outcome!

Posted Image

Set in Norse mythology, Raido looks like a fun, new idea in card games. We hope you'll check them out!

Also, don't forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to get the latest updates at lightning speed!

Stay frosty and fly safe!


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May 14 2015 10:12 PM

I have played around with the beta on Raido, it is really cool sort of like a mix between magic and go.  Well worth a look esp given even the smallest pledge gets you beta access.

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May 15 2015 07:39 AM

About the road to Shaman and Torch:

You guys will have to add stuff to the store that backers will want to buy.


T-shirts come to mind...

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Going to see mad max fury road, so missing this live. But otherwise all good, Friday's are much better. :)
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T-shirts come to mind...


We have some t-shirts available now: http://descendentstu...tore?category=2


Are there other designs you'd like to see?

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