The Descendent Studios Vision

Descendent Studios is built by gamers for gamers.  Our model for Descent: Underground is based not on publisher or stockholder pressure, but on the ideas of what would make a great game experience – one that we want to play just as much as our audience.

Our company is founded around 5 main principles:

  • Fun – there is no rule for creating games that is more important than making it a fun experience. If compromises need to be made, they will be made with that one goal in mind.
  • Community – we will work with the community every step of the way, showing you the process of building a game from the ground up.
  • Team Play – at Descendent, we feel it is very important for our employees to have a good balance between work and life. Each person is valued as a contributor, and we want our employees to love to come to work each day.
  • Openness – we want the community to understand the decisions that we make and why. Although it is never possible to make everyone happy with every choice, if something changes, the community will know why.
  • Efficiency – our studio is built around the idea of a small core team that pitches in wherever we are needed. We have project plans that stretch well beyond the initial game, and we will avoid feature and team creep religiously.

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