What is Descent: Underground?

Fight through twisting tunnels and vast caverns where the concepts of up and down mean nothing and danger lurks around every corner. We’re blasting the original full-freedom shooter Descent into the 21st Century with next-generation gaming technology built on Unreal Engine 4!

Earth starves and pilots like you are the only source of vital resources. Face off against the best rock jocks in the solar system to capture asteroids and minerals, challenge your friends in private multiplayer matches, or dive into the mines to fight hordes of bots in this prequel to the original trilogy.

Game Features

Game Modes

Face Off Against Your Friends

Descent: Underground will feature a wide variety of game modes, from old-school crowd-pleasers to new game modes that make use of the modern features in Descent: Underground. Go lone wolf in “Anarchy” (Deathmatch) or join up with friends to kill your rivals in “Team Anarchy”! Seize and defend a reactor as other teams try to steal its precious fuel in Capture the Core. These are just a few of the game modes that await you in the mines of Descent: Underground.

Single Player

Epic Single Player Campaign

Explore the Descent universe as you've never seen it before! Before the evil executives and infected robots of the original Descent, Earth starves while titanic gigacorporations vie for supremacy. Corporate elites talk peace and prosperity in their ivory towers, but war rages down in the shadows and out amidst the asteroids far from Earth. Prepare to delve into secured mines and corporate strongholds while fighting legions of killer drones! Do you dare to accept “off the books” missions that could tip the balance of power or uncover secrets that someone wants to keep buried at the bottom of a deep, dark hole?


Play Descent Your Way

Descent: Underground supports an array of play style options with different ship classes! Select from a diverse selection of drones each tailored to specific team roles like attack, tanking, or repair- or pick a jack-of-all trades for ultimate flexibility in the mines. Jump behind the controls of the Predator and scout out the enemy position for your teammates or hulk out with the Panzer and lead the charge against the enemy. Whatever your play style, there's a drone for you!


Showcase Your Unique Style

Customize your ships with a wide variety of cosmetic items in the full release! Mix and match noses, tails, wings, paint schemes, and decals to make your drone one of a kind- so your victims know exactly who took them down! Coordinate markings with your teammates, highlight your corporation, or just make a personal visual statement with bold flamboyance or tasteful understatement.


Explore Breathtaking Environments

Unreal Engine 4 brings Descent: Underground to a stunning new level of graphical fidelity! Immerse yourself in lifelike environments as you wind your way through dark, gloomy tunnels, abandoned industrial facilities, and stunning natural caverns.

Descent: Underground will also be compatible with the many of the latest gaming technologies, including Microsoft DirectX 12, and virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift. We’re also looking at supporting other technologies like NaturalPoint TrackIR and 3D screens.


Create And Share Custom Content

Descent: Underground has a vibrant and engaged community full of creativity and skill. We plan to offer a variety of modding tools to support their efforts! Design your own maps and missions, test new weapon and ship ideas on your own server, and submit your best ideas for possible inclusion in the official game!

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